NWS Logistics Properties in Chengdu and Wuhan Achieve the Highest Grading in “Green Warehousing Certification” from China Association of Warehousing and Distribution


(1 November 2023 – Hong Kong) NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS” or “the Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 659) is pleased to announce that six of its logistics properties in Chengdu and Wuhan have achieved Grade 1 (3-star), the highest grading, in the esteemed “Green Warehousing Certification” awarded by the China Association of Warehousing and Distribution (“CAWD”). This logistics property portfolio was acquired from the Goodman Group in May 2022 and is jointly managed by both parties. NWS has always attached great importance to sustainable development, which is synchronized with the sustainability management policy of the Goodman Group. After the successful acquisition of the logistics properties, the Group has adhered to integrating various green practices to reduce its carbon footprint, with the ultimate goal of reducing environmental costs. This “Green Warehouse Certification” validates the diversified efforts of both parties in sustainable logistics properties.

The establishment of the “Green Warehousing Certification” system is of great significance to the warehousing industry in terms of energy saving, cost reduction, and sustainable development. The CAWD conducted a comprehensive assessment of NWS’s warehouses, evaluating over 40 technical measures related to warehouse operations, which encompassed site selection and planning, land and space utilization, energy efficiency, water conservation, material and resource management, and environmental considerations. NWS’s logistics properties have not only met but exceeded the stringent criteria set by the CAWD.
Mr Eric Ma, Chief Executive Officer of NWS, said, “The logistics business is regarded as one of the focuses of the Group going forward. We are thrilled to receive the “Green Warehousing Certification” from CAWD, which demonstrates our commitment to the best practices and sustainable development in the industry. This achievement also serves as a testament to NWS’s relentless pursuit of excellence in environmental performance and propels the company to become one of the industry leaders in promoting sustainable logistics operations while bringing the greatest value to all stakeholders.”

Mr Gilbert Ho, Chief Operating Officer of NWS, stated, “The Group is determined to incorporate sustainable development as one of the important considerations in our investment projects. We have established investment-related ESG due diligence guidelines and responsible investment standards. Each proposed investment project must undergo rigorous review to ensure that the project will not pose potential risks to our environment, society, and governance. We extend our gratitude to Goodman Group for providing us with a solid foundation for the premium logistics properties. We will continue to explore innovative solutions with our partners, support the green transition of the logistics industry, and actively strive to become the best practice in the industry.”


The six of NWS’s logistics properties have been awarded Grade 1(3-star) Green Warehousing Certificates including:

  • NWS Chengdu Airport Logistics Centre (新創建成都機場物流中心)
  • NWS Longquan Logistics Centre (新創建龍泉物流中心)
  • NWS Xinjin Logistics Centre (新創建新津物流中心)
  • NWS Xindu Logistics Centre (新創建新都物流中心)
  • NWS Xindu North Industrial Park (新創建新都北工業園)
  • NWS Hannan Logistics Park (新創建漢南物流園)


NWS Logistics Properties in Chengdu and Wuhan Achieves 3-star in Green Warehousing Certification from CAWD



NWS Xindu North Industrial Park in Chengdu


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